Three interesting
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Aprons PG30

Innovation for personal protective equipment

Monoart® research on PG30

The quality of materials and the technological innovation of a product are not immediately obvious unless you experience it first-hand and enjoy all the advantages that come with it. That is why products available on the market from various manufacturers all tend to merge into a sea of similarity – and that includes disposable protective equipment. Ever against the tide, Euronda has always been committed to investing in research and innovation to develop safer and more efficient solutions with enhanced performance levels, because aside from public approval and statutory safety requirements, this is quite simply the right thing to do.

Do you need an example? Well, here are three!

Embossed surface

Pg30 viola

This process is used to manufacture a series of Monoart® products, including the PG30 aprons and the Towel-Up! bibs. It has allowed Euronda to do away with glue. In manufacturing terms, glueing the various layers together would have been cheaper and easier, but several years ago we made a choice not to go that way and today we are able to offer a more hygienic product, which is safer for the patient and kinder to the environment. At the time, the real challenge was to find an alternative system which would do away with adhesive substances and attach the absorbent fabrics to the watertight polyethylene film. The use of an embossing technique with high temperatures turned out to be the ideal solution. It allowed the surfaces to adhere perfectly, while offering another important advantage: the absorbency rate increased, avoiding droplets and rivulets of water.


dentista e paziente

The next challenge was to design and manufacture the PG30 aprons with a different contour. What we wanted to achieve was a truly ergonomic and high-performing product which had a real edge when it came to protecting the patient and delivering comfort. All our past efforts have led us to the PG30 apron. Once it is opened up, the Monoart® apron perfectly covers and protects the patients up to their shoulders. Afterwards, we even went on to add an innovative string system which enables the apron to be fastened around the patient’s neck. This is an extremely practical solution which allows the apron to settle evenly around the patient’s body without wrinkling or

....and then there is colour!


The most recent challenge for Euronda Monoart® has been to brighten up dental disposables with the use of colour. The success of this range over the years is proof that we made the right choice at the time. It was not a decision prompted by technical innovation, but rather by a wish to defy convention and put a warmer and more human slant on the look of operators and patients in the dental practice. Et voilà – the vibrant PG30 aprons! Ranging from lime green to sky blue, with bubblegum pink and sangria purple, this colour palette allows you to instantly communicate with patients, welcoming them a joyous splash of colour and reinvigorate the office with style and verve. And when the PG30 aprons are worn by patients, the use of colour acts as a real communication channel, conveying energy, vitality, attention to detail and kindness. Tapping into the concept of holistic therapy which takes the whole personality into account, this colourful approach puts patients at ease and helps them to relax.