Lime and greenery

Lime and greenery


Lime and greenery: the acid green which appeals to the
2017 summer fashion world

Energy and colour in the dental practice

The year 2017 is a green one – as transpires from the Greenery hue promoted by Pantone to the nuances seen on the catwalks of the most famous designers. A return to nature is now trending, but with a sharp flash of freshness which emanates the buzz and vibrancy of summertime.

Pantone pipped everyone else to the post, but what else could you expect from a true specialist which has become a global colour authority for all those working in the field of fashion and design. This year the chosen colour (actually specially created colour) from the Pantone experts is Greenery. It is a tangy green, quite similar to lime, and has been presented as “a natural green with hints of zesty yellow, giving it fresh, vital, bubbly and chirpy overtones”. A vibrant colour which takes us back to the popular patterns of the 60s but which also acts as a breath of clean air, bringing the best out of a more elegant minimalist setting.

Here are some useful tips for mixing and matching with acid green

So here is how it works with acid green, or its best-known variant, lime. Much loved by chefs and barmen, but equally adored by designers and fashion houses, the colour lime continues to stay ahead of the fashion curve and dominates summer society between mojitos, beach parties and catwalks. But how can you match it? Here is some practical advice:

  • With the more sombre shades, black or midnight blue, but also with white, grey or quartz pink for a minimalist and sophisticated allure which merges metropolitan chic with a boldly exotic touch. In combination with these other colours, the sheer energy of lime transmutes into elegance.
  • With neutral hues that bespeak mother earth and natural tactile pleasures, such as beige, toffee or taupe. Here too, elegance comes to the fore but there is a warmer, more natural vibe to it.
  • With bright colours like pink, yellow or sky blue for a sixties effect which, with a jolt of energy, will transport you into a fantastic joyous world where you can leave your troubles behind.
  • In combination with various other shades of green: even though it is an audacious match, tonal juxtaposing can be a fun game to play. On the catwalk, lime has been seen with sage and army green, but also with mint green which cleverly evokes parties on the beach with mojito cocktails.
  • An exotic note can be obtained by wearing it with silver and bronze – this is especially flattering to brunettes or for any sunbathers who want to show off their glowing tan at the end of the day.

Lime: the colour which ushers summertime into your dental practice!

By cleverly commingling nature and life itself, lime is a shade which exudes originality and imagination. Elegant, fun and cheerful, it is zesty, tart and lively all at the same time. Find out about all the Monoart® Lime solutions and invite summer into your dental practice.