Towel Up! Natura

Eco-friendly towels

Natura Towel Up! towels have been developed to minimise environmental impact, making use of food-processing waste that can be used to replace a proportion of the virgin cellulose fibres used to manufacture them.

The natural colour of the paper—a shade of ecru made unique by its uneven texture—is the result of the combination of cellulose fibres (from FSC-certified supply chains) and coffee-processing residue that has been recovered and re-used as a raw material.

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330 x 450 mm


Eco-friendly paper made using FSC®-approved cellulose and fibres from coffee processing, coupled and embossed with a waterproof polyethylene layer


The paper’s ecru shade is slightly uneven due to the organic residue woven into the material


Box: box of 50 pieces
Pack: carton of 10 boxes


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Natura Towel Up! towels have been designed to reduce environmental impact. The paper used to make them contains up to 20% less raw material without increasing consumption of water and energy.


Made from paper obtained through an upcycling process that recovers residues leftover from coffee processing, reducing the use of new cellulose. The carbon footprint of this eco-friendly paper has been reduced by 20%.


Towel Up! towels boast a natural shade of ecru and are characterised by their uneven weave and delicate fragrance that comes from the materials used to make them.

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