Zero Glasses

Monoart Occhiali Zero

Monoart® Zero Glasses

Boasting a minimalist design, these protective glasses for operators and patients stand out for being as simplistic as they are efficient and as light as they are resistant. Made entirely from polycarbonate, they are practical, easy to handle and highly comfortable thanks to the reduced section temples.

It is the lightest pair of glasses in the entire Monoart® range.


Personal Protective Equipment, Category II


Transparent frame


19 g


Single piece
Carton of 10 pieces


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Anti Scratch Plus

Anti-Scratch Plus treatment constitutes a barrier against surface damage, it protects against scratches and abrasions. It is certified according to the requirement of EN166 “K”.

Anti Fog Plus

Anti-Fog Plus treatment is a permanent treatment that prevents the formation of condensations. It is certified according to the requirement of EN166 “N”.

Monoart Occhiali Zero

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