Towel Up!

Salviette monouso Towel Up
Towel Up!

Towel Up!

Monoart® Towel Up! disposable towels are made in Italy from highly absorbent multiple-ply pure cellulose fibre wadding, embossed with a waterproof polyethylene film, without the use of glues. Their unique, 100% recyclable packaging features an ‘open/close’ system that protects the contents from dust and contamination, guaranteeing maximum hygiene from the first to the last towel. The opening is designed to combine practicality and protection: it allows only one towel to be removed at a time, avoiding contact with the next one.

Towel Up! disposable towels are also available in the natural colour of the paper, Natura. The paper used to make them contains up to 20% fewer virgin raw materials, through an upcycling process, without increasing consumption of water and energy.

Find out more about the Natura line, click here.

Available accessories

Practical white dispenser for disposable towels (dimensions: 16.5 x 16.5 x 12.5 cm);

Adjustable towel chain in brass and chrome-plated steel (length approx. 45 cm).


Black, blue, blue lagoon, burgundy, grey, light blue, light green, lilac, lime, natura, orange, pink, white, yellow


Pack 17 x 8 x 11 cm (lxdxh)
Towel 33 x 45 cm


Pack of 50 towels with ‘open/close’ system
Carton of 10 packs (500 towels in total)


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Salviette monouso rosa


Salvietta Monouso viola lilla


Salvietta monouso rosso vinaccia


Salvietta arancione


Salvietta monouso gialla
Salvietta monouso verde
Light Green
Blue Lagoon
Salvietta monouso blu
Salvietta monouso azzurro
Light Blue
Salviettine monouso bianche


Made without the use of glues, with pure cellulose from a sustainable supply chain and non-toxic polyethylene.


Keep your clinic tidy and simplify your work with innovative packaging and compact design, available in all Monoart®colour variants.


Automated production lines and protective packaging: from the time they leave production until the time they’re used, they maintain maximum hygiene and cleanliness to minimise the risk of contamination.


Monoart® Towel Up! Coloured

Euronda Monoart®

The original!

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