Towel Up! Coloured

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Towel Up!

Monoart® Towel Up! Coloured

Monoart® Towel Up! Coloured disposable towels are made of pure cellulose which is highly absorbent. It is embossed and bonded with a waterproof polyethylene film. Thanks to the innovative packaging with a resealable open/close system, the towels are handled one at a time and they stay protected from dust and contamination, for maximum hygiene and highly practical use. 


Device may be classified as Medical device in selected countries


Lime, light green, blue lagoon, light blue, blue, lilac, pink, burgundy, orange, yellow, white, grey, black


330 x 450 mm


Box: box of 50 pieces
Pack: carton of 10 boxes


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In addition, Monoart® Towel Up! Coloured has revolutionized disposable towel packaging. The resealable Open/Close system guarantees greater hygiene and reduces the risk of contamination: the opening was designed not only to prevent contact with dust, but also to ensure that staff only touch one towel at a time.  The compact and colourful Monoart® Towel Up! Coloured products add a touch of elegance and style to dental practices in complete safety, while also helping to keep them tidy.

Hygienic: maximum hygiene is guaranteed thanks to the resealable Open/Close system, which reduces contact and therefore the risk of contamination.

Practical: the first ever resealable Open/Close system for the dental industry. The compact design fits unobtrusively into dental practices.

Stylish: all of the Monoart® colours are available for a product with an attractive design that perfectly expresses the taste and excellence of Made in Italy.

Salviette monouso rosa


Salvietta Monouso viola lilla


Salvietta monouso rosso vinaccia


Salvietta arancione


towel up lime


100% automated from the production line to the dental practice, the innovative open/close system reduces the risk of contamination.


Absorbent, protective glue-free towels with fabric in pure cellulose that comes from a sustainable supply chain. Bonded using heat and embossing to a polyethylene film free of pollutants.


Organize your space and keep your practice tidy, thanks to the compact design and the practical open/close packaging.


All the colours of Monoart® line in a pack that expresses the taste and excellence of Made in Italy.

Monoart® Towel Up! Coloured

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