Disposable nitrile gloves

Disposable nitrile gloves

Monoart® disposable nitrile gloves have been developed for people allergic to latex proteins. They provide an exceptional protective barrier against contamination and infection, ensuring outstanding mechanical and chemical resistance.

They offer extraordinary mechanical and chemical resistance, making them suitable for all situations in which there is a risk of perforation, cuts or piercing, or when handling particularly aggressive chemicals.

The quality materials also guarantee excellent tactile sensitivity, while the micro-rough texture ensures excellent grip in all conditions.


Personal Protective Equipment Category 3, compliant with EU Regulation 2016/425




XS, S, M, L


Pack of 100 pieces
Box with 10 packs

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MONOART® Nitrile Gloves


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High quality

Ideal for individuals allergic to latex proteins, they are manufactured from materials selected to guarantee the best characteristics and performance.


They are also very stretchy and ergonomic, only slightly less so than latex gloves. Indicated in all cases where there is a risk of perforation or exposure to chemicals and viruses.


Nitrile gloves are Category 3 Personal Protective Equipment and provide greater mechanical and chemical resistance than ordinary latex and vinyl gloves.

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