Instant ice

Instant ice

Thanks to its unique formulation, Monoart® instant ice pack guarantees better quality and longer lasting cold. The small size and compact packaging facilitate topical use and provide the perfect concentration of cold in the area to be treated. The pouch is made of a special cellulose that improves tactile sensitivity and feels pleasant on the patient’s skin. Manufactured in Italy on automated hands-free production lines to the highest standards of quality and safety.


Medical Device Class IIa


15 x 17.5 cm

Shelf life

5 years


Pack of 24 pouches

CE Ref

Monoart® Ghiaccio Istantaneo,
Instant Ice, Kältekompresse


. Monoart catalog


Gentle on the skin

Ideal for particularly delicate areas, it adapts to the area to be treated and is pleasant on the skin for maximum patient comfort.


The small size of the pouch concentrates the action in the treatment area.


Activated by pressure, the mixture of nitrogen salts guarantees better quality and longer cold.

Spray Ice

Cooling spray in a 200 ml aerosol. Ideal for cooling materials.

Euronda Monoart®

The original!

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