Monoart® Face Masks Protection 3 Floral

Monoart® Face Masks Protection 3 Floral

Disposable hypo-allergenic face mask, composed by 4 layers: 
.Soft, colored and water-repellent non-woven fabric with floral motifs; 

.PFE (Particle Filtration Efficiency) filter and BFE (Bacterial Filtration Efficiency)>99%; 

.2 layers of comfortable, non-woven cotton lining for extra absorbance of sweat and humidity when used by operators.
It is ideal for protection from dust and aerosols: Δ<3.0 mm H2O/cm2 in accordance with the EN14683 standard (differential pressure: surgical mask breathability rating). Built-in nose bridge.


Medical Device Class I
(Reg. (UE) 2017/745)


3 hours of protection

Floral colours

Floral lime, floral light blue, floral lilac, floral pink, floral burgundy


Box of 50 masks
Carton of 20 boxes


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mascherina monouso smeraldo verde

Floral lime

mascherina monouso floreale azzurra

Floral light blue

mascherina monouso floreale lilla

Floral lilac

mascherina monouso floreale

Floral pink

Floral Burgundy


They are made entirely of hypo-allergenic materials and guaranteed to last for 3 hours.

On-trend design

They come in the original floral pattern, available in five bright colours, to give a unique look to every dental practice.


Absorbent non-woven fabric lining for effective absorption of perspiration and humidity. Built-in nose bridge.

mascherine monouso floreali

Technical sheet

Disposable mask PTC3 Floral

Ideal for protection against dust, aerosol and humidity.
. Differential pressure ΔP < 60 Pa/cm2 in accordance with the EN 14683
. Bacterial filter BFE > 98% at 3,0 micron
. Particle filter PFE > 98% at 0,1 micron
. Splash resistance pressure ≥ 16 kPa

1. Two layers of soft coloured and water repellent non-woven fabric
2. Particle and bacterial filters PFE and BFE > 99%
3. Comfortable non-woven cotton

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