Face masks Protection Sensitive

Face masks Protection Sensitive

Disposable medical face masks, fluid resistant (21.3 kPa), ideal for aerosol and splash protection. Prevent the transmission of micro-organisms by air and ensure excellent breathability (∆P 38.6 Pa/cm2), which exceeds the requirements of EN 14683 (∆P < 60 Pa/cm2). Equipped with a particulate and antibacterial filter (99.7% filtration efficiency). Made from selected cellulose, they do not contain latex, glass fibre or chemical substances, and are thus able to protect the most sensitive skin and avoid the risk of irritations, dermatitis and allergies. Soft flat elastics welded onto the outside, extended nose bridge and Perfect Fit system.

Face masks Protection Sensitive consist of four layers:

• double layer of soft coloured water-repellent Spunbond non-woven fabric on the outside for the best protection from microbial agents;

• middle layer made of Meltblown non-woven fabric;

• comfortable layer made of hydrophilic cellulose.


Medical Device Class I
EN 14683: type IIR
ASTM F 2100: level 3


Light blue


Box of 50 masks with an
“open/close” system.
Carton of 20 boxes

CE Ref

Monoart® Face Mask Protection 4 Sensitive


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New package with an “open/close” system.


External layer in water-repellent non-woven fabric against dust and moisture. Particulate and bacterial filter.


Developed to deliver the safety levels of hypo-allergenic materials which have been carefully sourced to respect sensitive skins and avoid the risk of irritation and dermatitis.

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