Monoart® Protection Sensitive Face Masks

Protection Sensitive Face Masks

The new Protection 4 Sensitive Face Masks are ideal for anyone seeking full operational protection and the safety of hypo-allergenic materials as well.

Made from hypo-allergenic cellulose, devoid of latex, glass fibre and chemical substances, they protect sensitive skins and avoid the risk of irritation, dermatitis or allergies.

They guarantee optimal protection against dust, powder, bacteria, aerosol spray and fluids, but they also feature a brand-new fitting system as well as a hydrophilic layer against the skin which absorbs sweat and moisture, offering improved comfort levels and Perfect fit.

The new packaging with “open and close” system offers maximum practicality of use and preserves the integrity of the masks.


Medical Device Class I
(Reg. (UE) 2017/745)


Light blue


Box of 50 masks with an
“open/close” system.
Carton of 20 boxes

CE Type Ref:



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New package with an “open/close” system.


External layer in water-repellent non-woven fabric against dust and moisture. Particulate and bacterial filter.


Developed to deliver the safety levels of hypo-allergenic materials which have been carefully sourced to respect sensitive skins and avoid the risk of irritation and dermatitis.

Perfect fit: the new “darted” system that makes for a better closer fit to the face.

Nose bridge extended to 130 mm for greater stability, externally welded elasticated ties so it lies flatter against the cheeks.

New package with an “open/close” system offers maximum practicality of use and preserves the integrity of the masks.

Technical sheet

scheda tecnica mascherine

Disposable mask PTC4

Resistant face mask, ideal for protection against dust, aerosol, humidity and splashes
. Differential pressure ΔP < 60 Pa/cm2 in accordance with the EN 14683 . . . . Bacterial filter BFE > 98% at 3,0 micron
. Particle filter PFE > 98% at 0,1 micron
. Splash resistance pressure ≥ 16 kPa

1. Soft coloured and water repellent non-woven fabric
2. Polymeric fluid resistant filter
3. Particle and bacterial filters PFE and BFE > 99%
4. Comfortable absorbent hypoallergenic cellulose layer in contact with the skin, for effective absorption of sweat and humidity

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