Cube Orange Glasses

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occhiali protettivi arancioni

Monoart® Cube Orange Glasses

Orange over-glasses for staff with a cutting-edge design featuring a wrap-around square shape. Adjustable length temples guarantee an excellent fit and comfort, while the Soft Pad technology keeps them in the user’s desired shape. Orange optically checked polycarbonate lens, providing a 180° view. The heavy-duty lens with anti-fog and anti-scratch treatment protects against impacts, UV400 (sunlight) rays and UV25 blue light rays (polymerization lamps). They can fit over any corrective glasses.


Personal Protective Equipment, Category II


Black and orange frame


37 g


Single piece
Carton of 10 pieces


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Occhiale CubeOrange

Anti Scratch Plus

Anti-Scratch Plus treatment constitutes a barrier against surface damage, it protects against scratches and abrasions. It is certified according to the requirement of EN166 “K”.

Anti Fog Plus

Anti-Fog Plus treatment is a permanent treatment that prevents the formation of condensation. It is certified according  to the requirement of EN166 “N”.

SoftPad Technology

SoftPad is a patented terminal that has been added to the legs of the eyewear to offer comfort and protection. Thanks to the innovative use of materials and a meticulous design, the ergonomics of these glasses reach a new level of comfort, providing perfect stability to the safety glasses and full adaptability to the face of the user. In addition to the length adjustment in 3 positions, the SoftPad system has a further tilting movement  that allows the device to perfectly fit the user’s head. The SoftPad system is supplied with the Monoart® Cube glasses, Cube Orange glasses and Stretch glasses.

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