Contemporary Glasses

Monoart Occhiali Contemporary
Monoart Occhiali Contemporary

Monoart® Contemporary Glasses

Our Contemporary glasses offer the perfect combination of elegance, protection, comfort and style. Lightweight and very strong, Contemporary glasses are the perfect protective solution for doctors and assistants.

The anti-fog treatment makes the lenses twice as effective against condensation, while the anti-scratch treatment is five times as resistant to abrasions. All of this comes together with the exclusive, refined design, boasting a glossy black frame.

Design by univet


Personal Protective Equipment, Category II


Transparent and black


29 g


Single pack with logoed pouch


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Monoart Occhiali Contemporary

Anti Scratch Plus

Anti Scratch Plus treatment constitutes a barrier against surface damage, it protects against scratches and abrasion. It is certified according to the requirement of EN166 “K”.

Anti Fog Plus

Anti Fog Plus treatment is a permanent treatment that prevents the formation of condensation. It is certified according to the requirement of EN166 “N”.


A bold yet elegant design made
distinctive by the balance of shape,
colour and light.


The side lenses provide maximum protection.


Made entirely from Nylon PA12
without any metal used, these are
lighter and more comfortable as a
result, even for prolonged use.

Dentista con occhiali Contemporary
Occhiali Contemporary con Bustina


Contemporary glasses are provided with
a practice and elegant logoed pouch

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