Apron PG20 XLong

Apron PG20 XLong

Roll of disposable protective aprons for patients made from a waterproof polyethylene layer.
PG20 XLong apron is available in two sizes: 120 and 160 cm respectively, to perfectly protect your patients down to the knee or ankles.

The perforated tear-off parts make the apron easy to use and the system with laces allows to tie the apron directly to the patient’s neck, with no need to use a chain.
It is shaped for a perfect cover of neck and shoulders.


Rolls of 133 aprons
120 x 53 cm

Rolls of 100 aprons
160 x 53 cm




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Available in two sizes

Rolls of 133 aprons 1200 x 530 mm

Rolls of 100 aprons 1600 x 530 mm

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