Kit Infection Control

infection control
Kit Monoart® Infection Control

Kit Monoart® Infection Control

A safe barrier against infection.
Practical operator’s kit containing:

• 2 zipped long gowns;
• 50 disposable polyethylene aprons;
• 2 autoclavable cotton bandanas;
• 50 face masks Protection 3;
• 2 pairs of Ultra Light glasses;
• 2 pairs of cut proof gloves.


Gown and gloves
Personal Protective Equipment Category 3
Face Masks
Medical Devices Class I
EN 14683: type II
ASTM F2100: level 1
Personal Protective Equipment Category 1
Personal Protective Equipment Category 2


1 box containing 1 kit


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The only kit on the market that truly includes everything needed to provide the operator with maximum operational protection during all stages of the sterilization process.


A kit consisting of certified Medical Devices and Personal Protective Equipment made of high-quality materials and suitable for professional use.


Designed to minimize the risk of cross-contamination caused by handling potentially infected instruments, the kit is composed of only safe and certified materials, with the Monoart® quality guarantee.

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