Kit Monoart® 5 Products

kit lime
kit monouso lime

Kit Monoart® 5 Products

Practical Kit containing 5 different disposable products for 500 patients:

500 Monoart® Towel Up!:
disposable towels with an innovative packaging
500 Monoart® EM15 Saliva Ejectors:
high quality, disposable and flexible saliva ejectors
500 Monoart® Plastic Cups (200 ml):
create a cheerful atmosphere in your practice
200 Monoart® Protection 3 Face Masks:
three layers of protection, with water-repellent and absorbent non-woven fabric plus a particle filter
160 Monoart® PG30 Aprons (Roll of 80 aprons):
the apron that fully protects your patients


Lime, green, blue, light blue, lilac, pink, orange, yellow, white


1 carton containing 1 kit


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Monoart Kit bianco

Kit Monoart white

Monoart Kit giallo

Kit Monoart yellow

Monoart Kit arancione

Kit Monoart orange

Monoart Kit lime

Kit Monoart lime

kti monouso verde

Kit Monoart green

Monoart Kit azzurro

Kit Monoart light blue

Kit monouso rosa

Kit Monoart pink

Monoart Kit lilla

Kit Monoart lilac

Monoart Kit blu

Kit Monoart blue


All of the products that you and your patients need in the same pack.


All the protection of Euronda, close at hand.


Add a touch of style to your practice with your favourite colour.

Euronda Monoart®

Be free, Be safe, Be yourself!

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