Kit Monoart® 100%

Kit Monoart® 100%

Lots of colours, 100 items and 100% original. All the essence of Monoart®. All the original appeal of a unique range. All the quality of a 100% Italian product. All the safety and protection professionals and their patients need. All the attention to detail typical of the Euronda brand.
This kit was created to enable dentists to experiment with new colours and benefit from smart compact packaging. The perfect solution for you to try out 10 colours and 6 different Monoart® products by hand for yourself

100 Monoart® Towel Up!: disposable towels with an innovative packaging
100 Monoart® EM15 Saliva Ejectors: high quality, disposable and flexible saliva ejectors
100 Monoart® Facial tissue – NEWS 2021: now better than ever with new facial tissues
100 Monoart® Plastic Cups (200 ml): create a cheerful atmosphere in your practice
100 Monoart® Protection 3 Face Masks: three layers of protection, with water-repellent and absorbent non-woven fabric plus a particle filter
80 Monoart® PG30 Aprons (Roll of 80 aprons): the apron that fully protects your patients


Lime, green, blue, light blue, lilac, orange, blue lagoon, white, pink, yellow

Box dimensions

Box 31x21x24 cm
Pallet 120x80x200 cm (64box)


Box 3,2 kg
Pallet 218 kg


1 carton containing 1 Kit
1 Kit containing:
– 100 Monoart® Towel Up!
– 100 Monoart® EM15 Saliva Ejectors
– 100 Monoart® Facial tissue
– 100 Monoart® Plastic Cups
– 100 Monoart® PTC3 Face Masks
– 80 Monoart® PG30 Aprons


. Monoart catalog

Kit Monoart 100% lime

Kit Monoart lime

kit Monoart 100% green

Kit Monoart green

kit Monoart 100% blue

Kit Monoart blue

Kit Monoart 100% light blue

Kit Monoart light blue

Kit Monoart 100% lilac

Kit Monoart lilac

Kit Monoart 100% orange

Kit Monoart orange

Kit Monoart 100% blue lagoon

Kit Monoart blue lagoon

Kit Monoart white

Kit Monoart pink

Kit Monoart yellow


Many colours, 100 items and 100% original. The pleasure of changing colour, the freedom to mix and the simplicity of trying something new.


Obtain maximum variety and quality at an affordable price and without inventory investments.


It offers maximum product rotation for the dentist, occupying minimum space, making the most of every centimetre.


All the protection of Euronda, close at hand.

Euronda Monoart®

Be free, Be safe, Be yourself!

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