Monoart® Foglie paper cups

Eco-friendly disposable paper cups

Monoart® Foglie paper cups are made from 100% FSC® certified cellulose from forests managed according to strict environmental, social and economic standards.

They are a valid alternative to traditional plastic cups, guaranteeing the same characteristics and performance, also in terms of impermeability and safety.


200 cc


Paper laminated with waterproof polypropylene film


White with leaf pattern in shades of green and ecru


Bag of 50 pieces
Carton of 20 bags


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Monoart® Foglie paper cups are a viable alternative to the traditional Monoart® plastic cups, guaranteeing the same characteristics, quality and performance.


A new pattern to bring a personal touch to your combinations with the Monoart® colours - lime, green, white and ecru - in the Natura line.


Considered an A-class product based on the Aticelca 501/2017 method, our cup is highly recyclable, despite the polypropylene film inside

*Please remember that these products are to be considered contaminated after use, and must therefore be treated in accordance with appropriate operating protocols, to avoid damage to health and/or environmental problems.

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