Aspirator tips

Cannule per aspirazione Monouso
aspirasaliva colorati

Aspirator tips

Monoart® aspirator tips are manufactured in Italy and are available in three different sizes and models:

•EM19 tips: length 11.4 cm;
•EM21 tips: length 12.9 cm;
•EM40 tips: length 20 cm.

The EM19 and EM21 tips are also equipped with an ergonomic non-slip grip that makes the operator’s work easier. The linear shape ensures quieter operation while improving hygiene. They also ensure a high degree of patient comfort due to their rounded shape and compact size, which reduces the gag reflex even in the most sensitive patients.

The EM40 tips are ideal for hard-to-reach areas due to their thin, extended end.

Available accessories

EM40 aspirator tip adaptor autoclavable to134°C. Can be used to adapt from a connectionwith a diameter of 1.6 cm to an outlet with adiameter of 1.1 cm.


Medical Device Class IIa


M19& EM21: blue, burgundy, green, grey, lilac, lime, orange, pink, yellow
EM40: grey


EM19: 1.6 cm x 11,4 cm (Øxl)
EM21: 1.6 cm x 12,9 cm (Øxl)
EM40: 1.1 cm x 20 cm (Øxl)


Pack of 10 units in 1 colour

CE Ref

Monoart® EM19
Monoart® EM21
Monoart® Cannula EM40, EM40 Aspirator Tip, EM40 Absaugkanüle


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aspiratori colorati

EM19 tips

aspiratori colorati

EM21 tips


EM40 tips

cannule per aspirazione colorate


Monoart® aspirator tips are autoclavable up to 100 times at 134°C.


EM19 and EM21 tips have a reduced contact surface, with 'winged’ tips that are smaller and less curved to improve patient comfort.


The internal bevel of the EM19 and EM21 tips facilitates the outflow of fluids, while the bending angle ensures a more discreet and quieter suction.

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