Monoart®Infection Control Kit

infection control
kit infection control

Monoart®Infection Control Kit

A safe barrier against infection.

Practical operator’s kit containing:

• 2 zipped long gowns;
• 50 disposable polyethylene aprons;
• 2 autoclavable cotton bandanas;
• 50 face masks Protection 3;
• 2 pairs of Ultra Light glasses;
• 2 pairs of cut proof gloves.

infection control
infection control
Protection 3 face mask
Ultra Light glasses
Cut proof gloves

Monoart® Gown

Gown with zip, mandarin collar and elastic cuffs for the total protection of the operator.

guanti antitaglio

Cut Proof Gloves

Antiallergic glove with anti-slip surface and a shaped form for higher comfort, sensitivity and protection for the user.


Monoart® Apron

Practical polyethylene apron with a comfortable fit.

Protection 3 face masks

Disposable medical face masks, ideal for preventing the transmission of micro-organisms by air. They guarantee excellent breathability (∆P 25.4 Pa/cm2), which exceeds the requirements of EN 14683 (∆P < 40 Pa/cm2). Equipped with a particulate and antibacterial filter (99.7% filtration efficiency). Built-in nose bridge.

Ultra Light glasses

Protective glasses for staff and patients, with ergonomic, adjustable length temples, protection incorporated within the lens, a polycarbonate nose bridge and eyebrow protection. The colourless lens protects against impacts and UV rays to guarantee optimum visibility.


Cotton bandanas that are pleasant and comfortable to wear, equipped with ties and adaptable to all sizes. Thanks to the premium-quality cotton and resistant colours, they can be autoclaved at 121°C.

Euronda Monoart®

The original!

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