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“Monoart®, for your eyes only”
What is it and how does it work.

“Monoart®, for your eyes only” is the Euronda social column dedicated to eye safety in dental practices. This initiative gives you the opportunity to discuss safety, get all your creative juices flowing and receive a free gift of protective FitUp glasses!

How to participate:

● You are dental professional: a dentist or hygienist
● You have a Facebook or Instagram profile that you use regularly
● You like sharing original and quality social media content

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Take part before closing date of 11/11/2022!
If you are one of the 50 lucky participants you will receive a pair of Monoart® FitUp protective glasses!

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In a few days you will receive your new Monoart® FitUp glasses with which you are asked to create a post, a reel or a video to share on social media using the hashtag #EurondaMonoart.
It’s the time to show off your originality!

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If you use Instagram, create a post
to your liking or a video reel
that will be re-posted on
Euronda's Instagram profile.

If you use Facebook, create
a post of your own or a video
that will be published on
Euronda's Facebook page.

Once shared on your social channels, your content will also be relaunched
on the official Euronda channels!


Receive your FitUp glasses
and express your creativity
with Monoart®!