Be smart,
Play it safe!

Be smart, Play it safe!

The Monoart® campaign: a world of colour, energy and protection

Choices that result in the creation of a campaign always include various aspects: taste, aesthetics, the desire to wow the crowd, communicating in new ways and, for us at least, shining a light on the key value that drives the company’s manufacturing decisions: protection. Safety and protection all round: for healthcare professionals, doctors and patients, as well as our own manufacturing and business decisions, this is what matters most. 

This was the inspiration for Play it safe: a spin-off of the company’s slogan: It’s all about protection, which maintains the ethos that sets the Monoart® line and its colourful disposable products apart from the rest. Safety and colour, protection and vitality, energy and freedom: these aspects inspired our idea to put children in the spotlight and get them to play with some of the line’s products.

When developing the campaign, we were also able to reflect on the importance of “protection” at every stage of the product life cycle. In this sense, the idea of having children at the heart of things felt like the right way to convey how meticulous Euronda is at every stage of production, carried out in clean, safe environments, and when selecting high-quality and environmentally friendly materials.

Imaginative and creative, yet smart and safe: who better than children to convey the fundamental concepts that have always been associated with our disposable-product line? After all, children represent the future, something that we must protect to the best of our ability, while also allowing it to live up to its potential.

As a result, play felt like the most fitting image to us; a moment where children are free to interact and create, which must be valued and protected.

“Play” also proved to be the perfect choice to showcase the features of our products without sacrificing their visual impact: our resistant gloves, comfortable masks and waterproof Towel Up! towels have, ironically, become attractions in a playground shaped by the intelligence and imagination of children. 

Colour, energy, character: these are the factors that have always inspired Monoart®, a set of products which, with their colours and patterns, help to personalise your workspace and make it more vibrant, put patients at ease and enable professionals to reinvent their own appearance each day while relying on our highly safe products and communicating with patients (both young and old) in fresh, creative and spontaneous ways. This inspired the idea of taking products out of the dental practice itself.
The aim is to show that, by choosing Euronda Monoart®, you can bring a different approach to your work and understand it in new ways.


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