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Dental-disposable quality: accessories & tools for practices

Monoart, the disposable items which are attractive... but effective too!

Bringing colour into the world of dental disposables is perhaps Euronda’s best-known revolutionary gesture, but not its only one. Ever attentive to the safety and quality standards of its product offering, Euronda is strongly committed to improving its product ranges, innovating processes and sourcing top-grade materials.

A crucial commitment that brings the energy of colour into the dental practice every day, but without ever neglecting the importance of safety – Euronda delivers devices and accessories which are highly reliable, ergonomic and efficient for the protection of dentists, assistants and patients.

So here are 4 things you might not know about the quality of Monoart products.

1. EM15 saliva ejector... some people still mistake it for a drinking straw!

Aspirasaliva monouso

For the less experienced, the EM15 saliva ejector could seem to be a simple almost mundane object.

But in actual fact, it is very complicated to manufacture and this difficulty is accentuated by Euronda’s determination to offer an outperforming ergonomic product able to pass strict quality-control and safety tests.

Crafted from non-toxic transparent PVC devoid of DOP and phthalate-free, EM15 is produced so as to guarantee standard thickness and length to the greatest possible extent and we take special care in inserting the copper-clad wire into the tube to make sure it doesn’t detach when bent.

The aim of the strict controls to which the EM15 is subjected is to reduce the incidence of defectiveness and raise quality and safety levels of the product – this is made possible by the existence of a cutting-edge automated production line where product handling is kept to an absolute minimum.

Euronda also has bags packaged on each production line periodically collected and these samples then undergo bacteriological controls (Bioburden) conducted by an external laboratory.

Basically, it looks like a simple product, but in actual fact it is designed and manufactured to provide healthcare professionals and patients with exceptionally high standards.

2. Tray Paper: please don’t call it a “towel”...

Strumenti dentista

Calling Tray Paper a “towel” would be to diminish it, because it is a technically advanced item which has a special composition and undergoes a special manufacturing process, meaning it has a series of unique features.

The Paper Monoart Tray has been specifically made to line the bottom of the instrument tray. It leaves no lint or fluff on the tools and it doesn’t become soggy when it comes into contact with steam.

Basically, it has been made in such a way that it does not deteriorate or weaken when it comes in contact with steam and gases and this helps the steriliser itself to stay efficient because no residue is built up which could otherwise block the discharge ducts.

3. Protective face masks: the smart structure

The importance of a protective face mask in the dental practice is fundamental – not only does it act as a protective barrier against viruses and bacteria, it also defends the airways and stops any harmful chemical substances from being breathed in, whether these be in the form of fumes, aerosol gas or liquid.

With their multi-layer structure, the Monoart face masks guarantee targeted protection to meet all requirements and cover all types of operations, ensuring outstanding comfort and safety.

Do you need an example?

Monoart Protection 4 provides protection due to its 4 differentiated layers which work as one to keep out dust, fumes, aerosol sprays and splatter:

  •   soft colourful water-repellent NWF giving the best protection against dust, powder and residue;
  •   polymeric filter for excellent fluid resistance with pressure up to 120 mmHg;
  •   particulate filter (PFE, Particle Filtration Efficiency) and bacterial filter (BFE, Bacterial Filtration Efficiency);
  •   comfortable hydrophilic non-woven fabric inside which effectively absorbs sweat and moisture.

4. Instant K2P ice pack: colder and longer lasting than ever before!

Ghiaccio istantaneo dentisti

Real innovation means enhancing product characteristics and functionality in order to improve user experience.

The idea behind the Monoart instant K2P ice pack was exactly this and Euronda invested time and energy to discover the best cooling method in terms of temperature, duration, functionality and safety.


K2P is activated by a new chemical formula with a mixture of nitrogen salts and it reaches the required temperature more quickly and guarantees a longer cooling action.

The new packaging doesn’t only look good, it is also technically advanced – with extremely safe welded seams that are transport-proof and boast a compact size, making it easier to target the areas being treated and providing a concentrated sensation of coldness where it is needed.