Euronda Monoart® offers a range of products and optionals to satisfy all daily requirements of dentists, assistants and patients. Quality and safety are guaranteed by our brand.

dispenser bicchieri

Monoart® Plastic Cups Dispenser

Keep your disposable cups in order with the Monoart® Plastic Cup Dispenser.

Monoart® Towel Dispenser

Monoart® Towel Dispenser

Practical dispenser for disposable towels.


Monoart® Apron Dispenser

Practical dispenser for aprons on a roll.

Cotton Rolls Dispenser

Monoart® Cotton Rolls Dispenser

The ideal container for cotton rolls.

cotton rolls

Monoart® Cotton Rolls

Long fibre, pure cotton rolls that are compact and highly absorbent.

catena metallo

Monoart® Metal Chain for Towel

Adjustable metal chain for towel.

Rubber Dam

Monoart® Rubber Dam

Pure latex rubber dam, medium thickness.

Facial Tissue

Monoart® Facial Tissue

Facial tissue made from two plies of pure cellulose paper, soft and resistant.

Mixing Bowls

Monoart® Mixing Bowls

A varied selection of green mixing bowls.

bur blocks

Monoart® Bur Blocks

Bur blocks for dentist with autoclave base

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