Light Blue

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Light blue

Light blue is the color of peace and calmness. Those who choose it are confident in their abilities and express a harmonious approach to environment, making others feel comfortable. This color has an extreme relaxing effect and for this reason it is recommended for patients and colleagues. Moreover, light blue symbolizes balance and inner wellness.
With light blue eyes you observe world for the first time. Light blue is the pure water of a hidden cove, a peaceful paradise where you can dive into and find yourself.

Towel azzurro

Monoart® Towel Up!

Monoart® Towel Up! disposable towels come with an innovative packaging for greater hygiene and safety.

Aspira celeste

Saliva Ejectors EM15

Monoart® Saliva Ejectors offer the best quality around. They are the most practical choice for dentists and the safest choice for patients.

Mascherina celeste

Face Masks

Monoart® Face Masks: complete protection from dust, aerosols, bacteria, moisture and residue.

bandana azzurra

Monoart® Bandana

Monoart® Bandana: a practical, comfortable and stylish choice.

PG30 azzurro

Monoart® Apron PG30

Attractive, functional and safe, Monoart® PG30 aprons offer high standards of protection for patients.

copririunito azzurro

Kit Monoart®
Dentist Chair Cover

A disposable universal dentist chair cover for the protection and safety of patients.

bicchieri monouso azzurri

Plastic Cups

Monoart® Plastic Cups: practical, disposable cups in all of the brightest colours in the Monoart® range.

Monoart Kit azzurro

Kit Light Blue 5 products

Monoart® Kit 5: five disposable products in your chosen colour, to cater to all of your needs.

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