The importance of colours in the dental practice

Colours have an effect on our souls. They arouse feelings, stir up emotions and trigger thoughts that relax us or upset us, or that fill us with joy or sadness feeling” (W. Goethe)

There are a myriad of areas of study and professional branches, from colour psychology to colour therapy, which attempt to understand and harness the effects that colour has on our mood and outlook. The correlation between colour and mind is now well established and there is an increasing tendency to use it in dental practices as well. It is an instrument to capture and shepherd patients’ emotional and psychological frame of mind, but also that of health-care workers and anyone else who happens to be there.

The psychology of colours and chromotherapy

The psychology of colours studies the effect that colour has on our mind and how it influences our mood and feelings. Chromotherapy is based on exactly the same concept, but it uses knowledge of colour to restore a sense of wellbeing and harmony.

Colours are electromagnetic waves charged with energy: chromotherapy taps into these energy vibrations and uses them to regenerate the individual both emotionally and physically. It is a technique that boasts ancient origins and dates back to the times of the old Egyptian and Greek civilisations. Generally speaking, nowadays colour therapy has been found to be useful for relieving sensations of discomfort, distress and malaise as well as for boosting serenity, relaxation and self-confidence. It brings about a feeling of self-possession that is of great value in places like hospitals, clinics and dental practices.

The clinical setting, gowns and accessories: communicating with colour

Colour is a vital form of non-verbal communication which is instantly recognised by our brain. That is why the proper use of colour is a precious instrument in the design and layout of a dental clinic. It makes it more welcoming and patients will be happier to stay. All this is perfectly in keeping with a new holistic approach which tends to see health as being organic wholeness rather than just an absence of illness.

Many dental practices are currently embracing this method and leaving behind the impersonal coldness of white walls so typical of traditional clinics. There is an increasing tendency to adopt warmer, more vibrant shades which create positivity and lower anxiety levels. Alternatively, the blue and green palette is an excellent choice to allay any feelings of agitation or inner turmoil.

But it is not just the surrounds. Healthcare professionals also play an extremely important role here. Dental practitioners, dental hygienists, dental assistants and anyone else involved in welcoming and treating the patients can transmit energy and vitality by choosing to wear colourful gowns or even by just using the right accessories or devices to add a touch of colour. This new colour awareness will convey a friendly attitude and attention to detail which will help patients, especially kids, feel at ease and see the dental staff in an extremely positive light. This clever use of colour, which could simply mean wearing a vibrantly hued scrub hat or face mask, will be great fun for the healthcare professionals who can express their personalities and more easily establish a connection with the patients.

Be Coloured!

Euronda Monoart® brought colour into dental practices in 2008 for the very first time with its range of disposable products and devices available in various different shades and patterns. Gloves, face masks and scrub hats, but also glasses, wipes, tubing, aspirators and chair covers. Devices and accessories which are on the cutting edge in terms of innovation and protection, but which offer you the beauty of colour too!

Ahead of the curve in an area which many consider to be ground-breaking, this Monoart® range has pushed the envelope in the dental sector. Since it was created, dentists and their assistants have been able to express themselves freely and creatively for the benefit of their patients and themselves.

Even a small splash of colour is enough to inject energy into your personal image, turn around your working environment and improve your relationship with the patients.

Discover the meaning of Monoart® colours!



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